I’m not talking about soaps this week because I’ve been obsessing over Justin Gellatly’s doughnuts ever since I previewed the BBC Two show Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes for TV Times.

In the show, which airs tomorrow at 9pm,  a slimline Tom Kerridge who clearly hasn’t been eating many doughnuts, visits the bakery school where Justin Gellatly bakes, teaches and prepares the most incredible doughnuts I have ever seen – and believe me, I have eaten a fair few in my time.

Justin sells his doughnuts at Borough Market in SE1 and as the TV Times offices are just around the corner, I decided to pay a lunchtime visit, knowing that if I didn’t come back with a bag of the sugary delights, I’d probably be sacked.

Borough Market is always busy and I couldn’t see any doughnuts, so I wandered into Bread Ahead the bakery school and declared “What would you say if I said ‘Justin’s doughnuts?'” The woman behind the counter explained that Justin was her husband and pointed to a tray of doughnuts that had just come out of the…I would like to say oven, but they are fried.

Anyway, I bought two custard cream doughnuts and two with praline and raspberry jam and I have to say, they delivered the most pleasurable hour I’ve experienced in a long while…in fact, ever since Supertramp played at Earl’s Court.

I say hour because I made the doughnut last. My colleagues wolfed them down in a matter of minutes. There was much Meg Ryan style murmuring and swooning and everyone agreed that they were the best doughnuts anybody had ever eaten.

They were insanely good and I didn’t regret breaking my sugar ban for the experience. Besides, ever since I found a piece of rubber in my sugar-free Nakd bar, I am wondering if health foods really are that much better for you. I certainly don’t gasp with pleasure every time I eat a Nakd bar.

Do watch Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes tomorrow – and if you’ve got a social life, record it. It’s a great episode featuring foods that anyone can cook – I made his smoked haddock pasties which looked a little more rustic than Tom’s on account of the fact that I couldn’t crimp to save my life, but they tasted good.

And when you see those doughnuts in all their sugary glory, you’ll be hotfooting it down to Borough Market, but be warned –  Justin and his colleagues are expecting a rush on this weekend. Mine’s a caramel custard with salted honeycomb.

You know you want to...

You know you want to…

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  • Philippa  October 9, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Hmmm – they sound divine. Will def be watching.


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