I got a record number of hearts and retweets this morning when I posted a snap of Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley behind the scenes of Emmerdale’s long awaited Robron wedding. It’s clear that what soap fans want on this Valentine’s Day is not hearts, flowers and chocolates, but a big dollop of Robron love, so here it is…

Danny Miller (Aaron) and Ryan Hawley (Robert) were on great form when they filmed the wedding in the Woolpack set earlier this year.

“A lot of the fans said they wanted to see the wedding in Las Vegas. In a real casino. But we are in the Woolpack with Christmas decorations everywhere because the Dingles have sabotaged the event,” Ryan told us.

Neither of them appeared nervous and Danny explained: “I’m not nervous and the cast and crew will be having a laugh throughout the day, but I have to remember that this is one of the most emotional days of Aaron’s life. We have to bear that in mind and make sure that the excitement doesn’t take over. Aaron has got so much love for Robert and he doesn’t know what to do with it.”

Both actors emphasized that there is a huge amount of support for this relationship.

“I get loads of messages on Twitter. One girl does all this artwork – she did a moving picture of Robert and Aaron in Vegas, which was brilliant,” said Danny.

Ryan added: “It is mainly teenage boys and girls who support them. It is so humbling that people care about these two characters so much. We get a lot of fan mail from young people sharing their own experiences of coming out and coming to terms with their sexuality. It’s really quite touching.”

Why have this odd couple managed to steal hearts and minds like this? Danny thinks it is best explained with a football analogy.

“When you watch an FA cup team play a league two team, you want the underdog to win. That is what you get with Robert and Andy. They have not had huge success in their lives. Robert has done well financially, but now we’ve learned a bit more about him and how hard it was for him to accept his sexuality. Also, Aaron’s coming out was awful because of what happened to him as a teenager when his dad abused him.

“Trouble seems to find both of them, but when they are together, there is a little bit of magic there. They are like best mates who are in a relationship. They are two lads who can go for a pint and be perfectly happy in each other’s company and they happen to be in love, which is why it’s so beautiful. I meet lots of teenage girls and lads through the charity football I play and I can honestly say that there is no negativity towards Robron out there.”

So folks, the big wedding is on Monday next week, in the Woolpack. It is interrupted by the police, so there is a chance that the lads won’t get through it with rings on their fingers. It could be a rocky ride, but it certainly won’t be dull.

For a behind the scenes look at Robron’s big day, check out the latest issue of TVTimes. Out now!

Aaron and Robert's Woolpack wedding.

Aaron and Robert’s Woolpack wedding.

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