The new Emmerdale boss looked a bit nervous as he met the UK press at London’s Mondrian* hotel yesterday for a special screening and who could blame him. I certainly wouldn’t want to take over from where Kate Oates left off – that woman has the Midas touch, plus she wears the most incredible shoes I have ever seen on a human foot!

Iain MacLeod was previously the story producer at Hollyoaks, which indicates that he has that special kind of brain soap people possess, one that can map out complex, intriguing and emotional storylines that often span months and even years. Personally, I can barely keep up with what’s going on at Hollyoaks on a weekly basis – but this I put down to age. Hollyoaks is a young person’s soap and it moves at a young person’s pace. Now, where did I put those Werther’s Originals?

Yesterday, Iain promised us that he would ‘continue to make the show as brilliant as it could be.’ He explained that he was thrilled with his new job, even though he was feeling ‘the pressure of Kate’s excellence.’

So, what’s he going to give us? Ian had just emerged from a long-term story conference and let us in on one of the pitches.

‘Somebody pitched the idea that one of our characters is having an affair and one day, we follow them over the Pennines and they let themselves into a house on Coronation Street and we realise they are leading a double life with Gail Platt or something. We all had a jolly good laugh, mulled it over for a millisecond and moved on. Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen.’

This is going to happen –

  • A new Dingle is coming to the village and will shake things up for the family. ‘She may or may not be called Faith. We haven’t cast her yet,’ Iain says.
  • Charity is going to wreck havoc on Cain and Moira’s marriage when she gets out of jail. Says Iain: ‘I am so excited to get my hands on a character who could start a fight and a story in an empty room.’
  • Ashley and Laurel continue on their heartbreaking love story throughout 2016. ‘It is going to be heartbreaking, heartwarming and gorgeous,’ Iain reveals.
  • There is drama aplenty for Paddy and Rhona with Tess Harris’ husband Pierce (Jonathan Wrather) arriving in the village. ‘The next chapter for Paddy and Rhona is fairly sizeable and Jonathan’s character will play a large role in that,’ says Iain.


I suppose you want to know what we watched at the screening? All I can tell you is, it was so good, I dropped my popcorn. Make sure you stay tuned for the next couple of weeks.  Really, who needs a social life when Emmerdale is this good?

If you want to read more about what Iain plans to do with the soap, get the next issue of Soaplife hot off the press.


New Emmerdale Boss Ian McLeod.

New Emmerdale Boss Iain MacLeod.


Kate Oates has moved from Emmerdale to Corrie.

Kate Oates has moved from Emmerdale to Corrie.



* I’m not one to plug products etc, but The Mondrian is my new favourite place at the moment. If you want to get into my good books, mine’s a blood orange Martini.



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