Writer & Editor


With a light touch, a knack for punchy headlines and a genuine interest in people, Sally’s work is accessible, enjoyable and talked about.

With an ear for a good line and the ability to win over interviewees, the content of Sally’s articles is often picked up by the national press and regularly appears on TV news and gossip websites such as Digital Spy and Yahoo TV, as well as fan sites. READ MORE…


Sally Brockway provided an invaluable asset in  bringing The Emmerdale Stuidio Experience to market in 2016. We had a range of copywriting requirements and Sally was able to bring her flair to everything from the scripting for the tour guides through to the guidebook and the copy that appeared on the posters. Always a delight to work with, great at understanding briefs Sally did a fantastic job and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.
Iain Marsh, Head of Commissioning - Commerce & Ventures/Commercial And Online ITV plc

I have known Sally Brockway for fifteen years and she is an extremely experienced journalist.  She has become an established freelance writer within our Features team producing our weekly Emmerdale copy and writing regular features, as well as covering for our Soaps Editor in her absence. Sally is a confident and mature team player, working quickly and efficiently to meet weekly deadlines.  She has a deep understanding of TV and is very well respected within the industry.  She’s got a good sense of humour and has a great relationship with all her colleagues and we look forward to her coming into the office.

We can always rely on Sally to get us the best soap and celeb stories, and on time for our exacting deadlines. She is always reliable, has a great way with words, and is the writer we go to when we want a story that’s accurate, entertaining, and ready when we need it. She has worked as a freelancer for our magazine since we launched 14 years ago and I don’t know what we’d do without her.
Di Hollingsworth, Deputy Editor, Soaplife.

“I’ve known and worked with Sally for five years, and very much hope that will continue. I’ve asked her to interview some wild and woolly independent figures, as well as some big name screenwriters via the BBC and ITV. Over and over she has proved herself to be brilliantly creative, with a real knack for getting through the right door and bringing home a fascinating interview. She’s a terrific writer too, with a genuinely readable style and a great way of cutting to the essentials of a story. She is utterly approachable, has terrific PR and marketing ideas, and always delivers on time.”
Phil Gladwin, Screenwriting Goldmine.

I’ve worked with Sally Brockway for many years. She is one of my most regular and trusted television writer contacts.  I have always found her to be extremely easy to deal with, she knows her subject matter inside out and delivers great copy.
Emily Ogden, Emmerdale Publicity Manager.

Sally is a great writer and editor. Her celebrity contacts are second to
none and she has a wealth of experience in newspapers and magazines.
Angela Cooke, Features Editor, Essentials.